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Deadlines for deliveries

The following deadlines for deliveries apply to both translations and revisions. 

imatge llibreta..... Under 2 pages: 24 hours 

imatge llibreta..... 3 to 5 pages: 2 days

imatge llibreta..... 5 to 10 pages: 4 days 

imatge llibreta..... 10 to 20 pages: 7 days 

imatge llibreta.....20 to 30 pages: 12 days 

imatge llibreta..... 30 to 40 pages: 16 days 

Please note:

A page is considered to contain 2,100 characters.

These deadlines are for orientation purposes only, and they are established according to the work calendar of the University of Alicante's Administration and Services Staff. They are never to be understood as strict deadlines for deliveries, since delivery time might vary depending on the quality of the original text, its difficulty, and the Service's workload at the moment when the request is received. 

Work priorities are as follows:

  •  Revisions over translations
  • Teaching materials over research materials
  • Outbound documents over internal documents
  • Texts about the University of Alicante over texts on other entities
  • Short texts over long texts

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