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Why do you need the language accreditation?

UA students need to certify their knowledge of a language to:

  • Present the final year project. Every undergraduate student must certify a B1 level in a foreign language in order to be assessed.
  • Be eligible for a mobility programme (B1 or B2 level depending on the institution)
  • Get Teaching Competence in English, French or German (B2 level)
  • Get Catalan Teaching Competence (C1 level)

Therefore, we recommend that our students get their language accreditation as soon as possible.

How can I get the language accreditation?

According to the UA regulations (BOUA 27/03/2015BOUA 02/10/2015), there are several ways to get the language accreditation. This is a summary of the different options:

1. Catalan certificates of the Languages Service (SLC) and other equivalent certificates admitted by the UA (must be applied for through UACloud)

2. Certificates of the (UA Language Centre) (if it does not appear in your academic record, you must apply for it through UACloud)

3. Certificates issued by an official institution (must be applied for through UACloud)

If you want to present/submit your final year project or apply for a mobility programme but you do not have any of the previous certificates, you can get the language accreditation by enrolling in some subjects:

4. Language-oriented  subjects taught at the UA (already included in UACloud)

5. Content-oriented subjects taught in a foreign language at the UA (if they are taught at a foreign university, you need to have the credits included in your academic record and to apply for accreditation through UACloud):

  • B1 level (12 credits)
  • B2 level (24 credits)


How can I get the language accreditation included in my academic record?
  • If the certificate is issued by an official accreditation institution, you can apply through:

UACloud >Academic record >Apply for > Language Accreditation

Once you have applied for it, you must present the original certificate at the Languages Service secretary’s office (first floor of the Germán Bernacer building).

  • ACLES certificates and UA subjects in a foreign language are automatically accredited. You do not need to apply for it. If you have any problems, please contact the Languages Service secretary’s office at



Soon, we will include in this plan information about the subjects you have passed and which will enable you to get the Teaching Certificate in Catalan and the Catalan Language Teacher Certificate. You can find more information at

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