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Doris Lessing Collection

Doris Lessing collection was created in 2015 in order to foster the elaboration of teaching materials in English, thus increasing the number of subjects taught in this language. As the number of materials in the collection grows, it is the University’s commitment to offer lecturers the possibility of working with subject-specific bibliography in English.

Doris Lessing collection is edited by the Languages and Culture Service under the following editorial line:

  • English teaching promotion materials (known as teaching booklets)
    Designed to be used by students in laboratory practice and as a complement to class notes, these materials also include the subjects’ syllabi and practical exercises. 

    • Published booklets index
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If you wish to publish your materials within this collection, you may:

  • Apply for the yearly UA call for the ellaboration of teaching materials in English. Materials must be drafted according to the following recommendations; or
  • Bring your materials directly to the Language Advisory and Translation Office at the Languages and Culture Service. All materials you use in class may be published.










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