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catalan competence accreditation

Catalan competence for University of Alicante students 


  1. University of Alicante
    1. Certificates obtained by passing the accreditation test or a Catalan course (including a final test) organised by the UA Languages Service.
    2. Catalan certificates included in the UA Catalan certificates equivalence table (Governing Council agreement of the 25 February 2010).
    3. Undergraduate degrees in language-oriented studies (or an equivalent old study plan) such as philology (C2 level) or Translation and Interpreting (level C2 of the main language) following Order 93/2013 of the Education, Culture and Sports regional department.
  2. Official School of Languages (EOI)
    1. Royal Decree 967/1988:
      1. Elementary Cycle (B1)
      2. Advanced Cycle (B2)
    2. Royal Decree 1629/2006:
      1. Intermediate level (B1)
      2. Advanced level: (B2)
    3. Decree 138/2014 by the Valencia Region Government
      1. C1 level
      2. C2 level
  3. Member universities of the Vives Network
    1. Language certificate by Catalan Universities
    2. Undergraduate degrees in language studies (or an equivalent old study plan):
      1. Catalan Studies (C2 level)
      2. Translation and Interpreting (C2 level if Catalan is chosen as the major language)



It can be obtained by passing the subjects included in the annex I of UA regulations on internal Catalan language competence accreditation (BOUA of 27 March 2015).  It is only valid to accredit a prior level before enrolling in a UA Languages Service Catalan course.

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