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Sixth Conference on University Teaching in Catalan and English


The 6th Conference on University Teaching in Catalan and English is a forum through which the academic staff, who teach (or have taught or will teach) using Catalan or English as a working language in their classes at the University of Alacant, meet together.

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This initiative meets the objectives established in the Plan to increase the use of Catalan and other languages in the teaching activities 2017-2020 (PIVALD) to support the academic staff in their language training so that they can use the two official languages and other languages in their academic activity and with their students. 



  • Informing the UA academic staff on the activities undertaken by the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies to launch a Multiyear Plan on Language Policies at the UA, especially to increase the teaching activity in Catalan and other languages.
  • Reflecting on the role and relevance of the use of Catalan in the teaching activity within our linguistic, social and labour context.
  • Reflecting on what the teaching activity in other non-official languages at the University of Alicante involves.
  • Raising awareness of resources available at the Languages Service for the academic staff in order to support their teaching activity in Catalan and other languages.
  • Linking together the academic community who teach or are willing to teach in Catalan or English at the UA.


Friday 8 February 2019

Conference hall at the Germà Bernàcer building
(building No. 36)

9 am – 9.15 am. Inaugural speech by Carles Cortés Orts, Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages 

9.15 am - 10.45 am. Paper. Ús i no abús de les TIC per a la docència universitària en valencià i anglès. Rosabel Roig Vila. Department of General Didactics and Specific Didactics.  University of Alacant (slides).

10.45 am - 11.15 am Coffee break

11.15 am - 2.15 pm Workshops

a) English (room GB/1003)

Teaching in English: Practical ways to make it work. Sarah Collins. Center for Learning Innovation and Knowledge (CLIK). Pompeu Fabra University.
(slides and practical cases)

b) Catalan (room GB/1007)

Les novetats de la nova gramàtica normativa de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Neus Nogué Serrano. Department of Catalan Studies and General Linguistics. University of Barcelona.
(workshop material)
(practical cases)

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